Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Yo and welcome to our very first blog(sorta).

Tbh we have always been rather gash at these sort of things, but with so much going on over the last few months to present day, we sort of owe it to you to keep you in the loop!

These blogs will be updated on a weekly basis, or as and when new shit happens! They will have exclusive pics, videos and anything random enough to find its way in. We recently purchased a digital cam, because in all honesty wayyyy to much funny shit happens when we hit the road! So would be cool for you guys to see it and comment on the crack. I will also be hopefully starting to interview random bands, acts people we play with, so please if you have any inappropriate questions make sure you send them in cause that’s the idea!

We will try and make this as active as possible, sort of like a forum I suppose only without all the shite that comes with that.

Coming up we have a mini Scottish tour, starting in: Ayr 5th Aberdeen, 6th, Stirling 7th (early doors) and Edinburgh at night. If your free come down, would be good to kick it!

We have a brand new track we will post on the myspaz which is defoo on some cool different shit, I even rap in 7/8!!!!! TELL ME WHO THE FUCK RAPS IN 7/8???????? I am trying to claim the crown for only rapper to do so, so please correct me if I’m wrong before I make my announcement!


There will be a video for Rap boy up this week- Thanks to Stu and his Shootback production team for that again!!!

Anyway we will keep in touch, hope your into it!
Cheers Kerr & The LaFontaines

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